PF Chang’s Mini Desserts

I’m writing this as a public service announcement – do not be deceived by the teeny-tiny desserts!

At a dinner tonight at PF Chang’s (which was already too calorie and fat packed for me to want to fully own up to), the waitress asked if we wanted dessert. There were about 20 people at the table- I was hoping someone would order that Great Wall of Chocolate. I could have one or two bites and not hurt anything.

PF Changs Mini DessertsThen she said they have these new “mini desserts.” It’s a single shot glass full of dessert. Just $2.00 each. Eight different choices, including the Great Wall of Chocolate. I know better, but my sweet tooth took over and convinced me that that much cake couldn’t be that bad. It was delicious- all I’d hoped it would be. Not to mention cute.

Upon my arrival home, I’ve scoured the net to find the nutrition facts. I found them at The Daily Plate. That cute little teensy weensy itty bitty glass of chocolate cake… has 150 Calories! 2g Fat! 5g Saturated Fat! 26g Carbs! 130mg Sodium!

The lesson learned? Dessert in a restaurant, no matter which shape, size or level of adorableness, is NEVER good for you!

3 Responses to PF Chang’s Mini Desserts

Rebecca says:

according to the nutrtition facts on the pf changs website, it only has 150 calories….

Brandi says:

Thanks for sharing the updated information Rebecca.

Kelly says:

Um…we just came back from PF Changs. I’m shocked that you were surprised it was 150 calories and had 2 grams of fat. What did you think it was? 1 gram of fat? Fat free?

For a dessert at a restaurant in this day and age, that’s a perfect size. Most of them are absolutely huge in size and have HUNDREDS of calories and 10, 20, even 30 grams of fat….

My husband and I thought this was a fabulous dessert.

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