Retrofit Announces a New Half-Price Advisor Program, Debuts New Commercial

The word retrofit means to add new technology or features to older systems, and the weight loss company of the same name has done exactly that. With the use of state of the art fitness monitoring technology and a team of wellness experts offering hands on instruction to clients, Retrofit has experienced a 90 percent success rate and revolutionized the way people lose weight. There’s just one problem, it costs a lot of money to provide high tech gadgets and 24/7 client support, so Retrofit’s 12-month package hovered around the $3,000 range. In an effort to reach a broader audience, and make it less cost prohibitive for the people who need Retrofit most, the company recently announced a new, more affordable product – Retrofit Advisor.

Retrofit Advisor will feature the same successful products and services as the premium packages, but will cost half as much. Retrofit’s two high tier packages guarantee a 10 percent weight loss and a 15 percent weight loss, respectively. With the Advisor, there is no guarantee, and clients are assigned one weight loss advisor as opposed to three weight loss experts.

Retrofit’s Chief Marketing Officer Kim Evenson claimed the product wouldn’t suffer with the subtraction of their experts. “They [weight loss advisors] will have been cross trained to deliver a holistic program and be supervised by our wellness experts so they can deliver a program that still addresses the key areas of nutrition, fitness and mindset,” said Kim.

That’s not all that’s new; Retrofit has rolled out a revamped website and television commercial to showcase their clients’ recent successes. The commercial features weight loss testimonials from clients who were not paid to share their stories. “Some dieting companies hire actors or other spokesperson-type people to represent their product,” said Kim. ” We are grateful to have a very organic testimonial process.”

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This mini brand renovation is making Retrofit’s technology-based weight loss approach more accessible and affordable. “I believe this program is as close as we have gotten to solving weight loss,” said Kim. “To have a solution that powerful and not be able to share that solution with everyone who needs it, is disappointing.” With a streamlined program at half the cost, Retrofit Advisor will give more dieters a chance to experience the power of up-to-the-minute weight loss data.

As CEO Jeff Hyman says, “You can manage what you measure.”

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