Retrofit Finds That Tech Gadgets Make Weight Loss More Manageable

Weight loss is rarely a walk in the park, and some plans are so complex they can be downright intimidating. The strict dietary limitations and harsh fitness regimens of a new weight loss plan can conjure feelings of anxiety and can cramp the process entirely. A study involving the weight loss company Retrofit has revealed that their state of the art data tracking technology limits stress and confusion while producing positive weight loss results.


Retrofit uses a 3D motion sensor called a Fitbit to track steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns to be analyzed by their team of weight loss experts. Retrofit employs a wi-fi Withings scale that calculates BMI and body-fat percentage. The data can be viewed online via software on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. In a 12-month study, lead by Retrofit, those using the technology lost an average of 19 pounds, while zealous clients who weighed themselves everyday lost an average of 26 pounds.

Retrofit CEO Jeff Hyman claims the program is effective for individuals as well as corporations looking to lower health care costs. “This statistical data proves that in personal wellness, you can manage what you can measure,” said Hyman. “In order for employers to reduce health care costs due to obesity and its related diseases, companies simply must have a weight loss program that seamlessly collects and monitors employee data.”

The study also proves that developing a healthy relationship with your weight loss endeavors is a significant tactic. If your usual routine gets interupted by travel or work, the Fitbit will remind you to carve out extra time to fulfill your daily fitness goals. Additionally, the more often the participants weighed in, the more weight they lost. Retrofit research analyst Buck Hanson said, “For each day that clients weighed in, they increased the odds of hitting their target goal by 22 percent.” When you know the up-to-the-minute status of your weight loss journey—whether changes be good or bad—Retrofit promotes success by giving you the tools to make adjustments accordingly.

The Retrofit experts don’t just relay information, they help break down personal weight loss data and offer support through behavioral coaching. The Retrofit system gives clients the keys to success through real-time, accurate data analyzation. When you’re held accountable for accomplishing your goals, a sense of pride and responsibility inspires success. Ultimately, CTO Doug Donohoe wants Retrofit clients to achieve “sustained and meaningful weight loss.” With their constantly evolving software, Retrofit has found that technology plus accountability is the essence of weight loss.

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