Rock Wall Climbing Challenges Both Body and Mind

Last week, our team here at Diets In Review decided to step away from our desks for an afternoon of practicing what we preach by doing something active. Our activity of choice? Rock wall climbing.

We met up at a local health club that houses the state of Kansas’ largest rock wall, strapped on our gear, and raced to the top. Not only did we all have a great time together, but we also got in a pretty descent workout.

Indoor rock wall climbing can be beneficial to many parts of the body. For one, it’s a great cardiovascular activity. If you’re new to climbing, try starting out easy by climbing for about five minutes at a time. You’ll eventually get the hang of things so you can work your way up to 30 minutes or more.

Rock wall climbing is also great for toning and increasing muscle mass. Some of the areas that get most challenged are your chest, back, arms, shoulders, forearms and legs. In addition, with all of the stretching you do in order to reach that next blue mount ahead of you, you’ll also be working on your body’s balance and flexibility.

Obviously this activity helps the body physically, but did you know it provides mental benefits as well?

Think about the last task you worked really hard for; recall how you felt the moment you accomplished it. Did it bring a smile to your face?

Reaching the top of a rock wall, and especially a real mountain, brings a true feeling of accomplishment. You put your body and mind through some serious stress and strain to reach the top, and once you reach your goal you get to be proud of yourself the whole ride down. Don’t forget about those endorphins your body is releasing the during your climb as well, which provides an extra emotional perk on your descent.

Something important to remember when climbing is to take some time to stretch and warm up before beginning. With all of the reaching your body is doing, stretching beforehand will not only increase your chances of being able to reach the top , but also decrease your chance of injury.

In summary, indoor rock wall climbing is a great option for those who may lack time but still want a full body workout. If you’d like to use it as your intense workout, be glad to know that you can burn up to 400 calories in one hour. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something active and fun to do with a group of friends like our team was, it’s a great option for that, too!

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