Run Like an Olympic Track Star


If your favorite mode of exercise is running, then you are probably concerned about whether you use the correct form while clocking miles on  a treadmill or a nearby trail.


Two-time Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers offers some great advice to make sure that you are getting the most out of your run. From how to position your upper body to how to place your foot on the ground, Gail’s advice will help keep you moving in stride, injury-free.

Here are some of Gail’s tips for some of the most common mistakes that runners make:

First, tilt your upper body forward and swing your arms naturally from front to back, not from side to side across the front of your chest. Using this kind of form will increase your momentum and will make your run more smooth.

Next, think of your legs as pedaling a bike so that they are coming full circle with each step. Also, hit the ground with the balls of your feet, not your entire foot at once. Landing on flat feet increases the amount of shock that is absorbed through your body.

Even though running is an excellent way to stay in shape, it comes with some precautions.  If you’re running on cement or uneven surfaces, your risk for injuring your knees or hips is greatly increased. And improper alignment of  your body can also sideline you with an injury. By heeding some of Gail’s advice on some of the most common running mistakes,  you too can be as good as gold!

You can learn more about Gail Dever’s advice by watching this video.

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