Saturday Morning Drill: Practice Ordinary Yoga Poses in Extraordinary Places

Yoga studios are sanctuaries for relieving stress and tension. The sweet smell of incense, the soothing sound of a classical Indian flute, or the stately figures of Shiva or Buddha can bring us to a state of calm just as soon as we walk in the door. However lovely the stage is set for the backdrop of a yoga class, sometimes getting to the studio is not an option.

Just the other day, my small town suffered a loss. Two of our historic buildings went up in flames, and the aftermath of the disaster caused many street closures, including the road to my yoga studio. Perplexed and disjointed, I stood at the end of the block with a group of students eager to do their yoga. Thankfully, the weather was perfect, so we walked down to the river and did yoga along its scenic banks.

While yoga studios offer peaceful ambiance, nature can’t be beat when it comes to appeasing the senses and enhancing many aspects of the practice.

The following are a few examples of how your natural environment can take your practice to a new level.

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Branch out of your routine and if you can, try practicing yoga in the park, by a nearby lake, or along a mountain stream. Use what nature has to offer and let it take your practice to an entirely new level.

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