Saturday Morning Drills: Workout to Tone Arms

Too often I think the arms get forgotten about when we’re working on our fitness. So today, I want to show you an arms workout you can do at home to tone the muscles without adding bulk. Just follow along on this video and then insert these exercises in to your routine.

Equipment needed: 3-5 pound weights

Perform the circuit once, then as you get stronger repeat it twice!

Exercise One: Tricep Lifts

Muscles Trageted: Triceps

Reps: 20 small pulses

Exercise Two: Tricep Extensions

Muscles Targeted: Tricps

Reps: 15-20

Exercise Three: Over Head Press

Muscles Targeted: Shoulders

Reps: 10

Exercise Four: Elbows Together

Muscles Targeted: Shoulders and lats

Reps: 10

Exercise Five: Elbows Down

Muscles Targeted: Biceps, lats/mid-upper back

Reps: 10

Exercise Six: Bent Over Flyes

Muscles Targeted: Mid-upper back

Reps: 10

Exercise Seven: Triceps Dips

Muscles Targeted: Triceps and hamstrings

Reps: 10 with 10 pulses

Exercise Eight: Push-ups

Muscles Targted: Pecs, triceps, biceps and abs

Reps: 10

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