Seven Sins of Unhealthy Eating

Unhealthy EatingAt the most basic level, weight loss comes from cutting calories and exercising more. But there are certain unhealthy eating habits that also factor into our ability to do these two things. Here’s a list of six unhealthy eating habits that can ruin a diet or make weight loss even more difficult.

1. Bad breakfast. It’s old news that skipping breakfast is bad for your metabolism. But eating an unhealthy breakfast is nearly just as bad. A sugary doughnut or a fatty muffin sets the nutritional tone for your day. Instead, get a healthier and more filling breakfast with plenty of protein and healthy carbs.

2. Eating too little during the day–and overeating at night. If you deprive yourself of too many calories during the day, not only will you be cranky at night, you’ll also be more likely to overeat. Instead, eat several small meals throughout the day.

3. Using big plates. So many of the dishes we have in our homes do not represent appropriate portions, from giant mugs and wine glasses to dinner plates. Try measuring food out first or buy smaller plates and bowls. Studies have shown that people who use bigger plates are more likely to overeat.

4. Weekend splurges. It’s okay to treat yourself once in awhile, in fact it can help you stay on track in the long run, but that treat shouldn’t last from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. Alcohol, from beer to cocktails, is also very high in calories.

5. Eating in front of the TV.
Marketers spend millions of dollars researching what images will make your mouth water, so it’s no wonder that it’s easy to overindulge while watching your favorite show. Plus, if your attention is elsewhere, you’re less likely to pay attention to portion size.

6. Eating on the run. When you sit down to a enjoy a meal, you’re more likely to pay attention to the signals your body is sending and finish feeling satisfied. If you eat while you drive, you’re more likely to feel hungry every time you get behind the wheel.

7. Starting a diet by eating too little. Even if you have big weight-loss goals, don’t begin your diet with too aggressive a  calorie cut. Not only will it slow your metabolism, it will make you more likely to feel deprived at quit the diet. It’s also healthier to loose weight slowly over time.

Via Fitness Magazine.

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