The Workout Kid is a Great Role Model for Today’s Youth

He’s called “The Workout Kid” and he may be just what our kids need!

Five years ago, little C.J. Senter made sure to do some push-ups and sit-ups because his football coach asked the team of five-year olds to get some exercise over the weekend. Those simple exercises opened up a door that would change the now 10-year old’s life.

Senter has produced several fitness videos and recently became a workout YouTube sensation. His videos launched his popularity as they show a very muscular and energetic child leading people through a fitness routine.

At first, the masses were appropriately concerned at the sight of this extremely chiseled child. However, once Senter’s story was investigated, he was found to be a great example for our kids.

Despite fears, Senter has never been in a weight room, isn’t on an extreme diet, and he doesn’t come from a family of rigid athletes. Senter created his own routines and completes those three times a week, after his homework is done, of course. His routines involve fun and safe moves that get kids up and moving. Senter has a few signature moves in his routines along with many traditional moves. The routines do not require any equipment and focus on the importance of warming up, taking water breaks, and cooling down.

The Workout Kid videos have had over 1 million views on YouTube and his DVDs are in high demand. Most of the DVDs have been given away, as the Senter family believes that helping kids get off the couch is the primary objective, not making money.

Despite all the fame, C.J. Senter still seems like a normal kid. He loves to play football, play with his friends, and even play video games. He admittedly just loves to be healthy and from the looks of it, he truly is. He’s obtained great fitness the right way and he’s having fun doing it. In this era where childhood obesity is considered an epidemic, we need all the Workout Kids we can get!

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