Thin People Aren’t Always Healthiest

Fat and thinLet’s start this off with a warning: What you are about to read is in no way an endorsement of neglecting your weight management.

Studies have found that about a third of obese people aren’t necessarily at a high risk of diabetes or heart disease. And get this – nearly a quarter of normal-weight people are. Now, obviously this isn’t to say that being thin is risky. If anything, it proves that there are other factors, including genetic history.

For normal-weight and overweight people (BMI of 25.0–29.9), risk was linked to belly fat. But for obese people (BMI of 30+), risk wasn’t linked to belly fat as much as it was to a fatty liver.

The key seems to be the liver. Obese people who get at least moderate physical exercise tend to have less fatty livers than those who don’t exercise. So, keep that in mind when you are frustrated with your weight loss plateau. You are still doing your body good.

5 Responses to Thin People Aren’t Always Healthiest

I think that more emphasis should be put on people do exercise and eating properly than people looking fat – people can look fat for a number of reasons – but they can still be healthy. Great blog post

Well said Jason.

I think a lot of skinny people feel that they can eat whatever they want and not gain an inch. That may be true for a short period of time but they are also not considering the damage they are causing their body.

I personally think heavier people have a greater impetus to live a healthier lifestyle because they have to!

caz says:

im under wait im 15 16 in january 10th and i way 5/12 i eat load of meat mostly meat and i still dont putwait on please can some of yougive me some advice.

Jazz says:

I dont get it.

casey says:

u need 2 add sumthing that u can put ur pic. on and c what ud look like skinny or fat! that would be cool!

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