ThinkFood Provides Recipes for Brain Health

Most fitness efforts are focused on what happens below the head. However, as important as it is to keep your body healthy and fit, your brain deserves some attention, too. The brain plays some role in every function of your day-to-day life, from sleeping to exercising to thinking and feeling. Like other body parts, it too loses agility as you age. To help slow this agility loss and keep the brain healthier, the AARP has released a new cookbook, ThinkFood: Recipes for Brain Fitness.

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The cookbook features a variety of recipes enhanced with ingredients science and research suggest help keep the brain healthy. “Too often, when we think about staying fit, we generally think from the neck down,” said Jodi Lipson, director of AARP’s Book Division in a release. “ThinkFood recognizes the importance of our brain and its need for care and maintenance. This book provides readers of all ages with fun and tasty ways to lead healthier lifestyles.” Recipes in the book are the creations of a partnership between 50 popular food bloggers and Posit Science. Posit Science is a leader in providing brain fitness exercises and education.

The recipes cover everything from meals to desserts. One unique dish is the chicken and pecan enchiladas. Pecans are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. The body doesn’t produce omega-3 fatty acids naturally. This makes them an essential part of a healthy diet especially when you consider the brain is comprised of at least 60 percent fat. Consuming omega-3 may help maintain the proper level of fat in your brain, which could help with processing power and the fight against mental health decline. Other nuts like hazelnuts and walnuts are also excellent sources of omega-3, along with leafy green vegetables.

There are some more familiar recipes too, like banana oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal, a whole grain, can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Since all organs depend on the cardiovascular system to function properly, keeping the heart healthy will benefit the brain. Beyond specific healthy properties of each individual ingredient, ThinkFood provides recipes that can provide a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition is an important part of keeping all parts of the body healthy, especially the brain.

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