Toned Legs, Olympic Style

beijing olympics

Who doesn’t marvel at the strong and lean legs of the female Olympic athletes?  Even though gymnasts and swimmers’ bodies receive a lot of attention for their physique, fencers legs are marvels of muscle and strength as well. Their powerful muscle definition comes from the countless lunges they perform in a single match.

Getting great legs

Here is a tip from US Olympic Fencer Becca Ward on how to develop beautiful and sculpted legs.

Hold one 10 pound weight at your chest level with both of your hands. Lunge forward with your right leg so that your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Keep you knee over your ankle and twist your torso to the right. Step your leg back and repeat on the left side. Do this 10 times, maybe even as you’re watching your favorite Olympic event and notice the changes in the look of your legs. You won’t be disappointed.

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