Watching Your Weight? Start with Portion Control

Watch my video on tips for including nuts in your eating plan. They are a healthy food, but just because a little is good, more is not better. Leave a comment with ideas for ways of adding nuts to healthy foods for all to enjoy!

bowl of nutsSometimes we just can’t help the mistakes we make when trying to lose weight. You know what I mean, you picked up on the message of eating close to the Earth so you add in more whole foods. Excellent… and then you discovered how much you really enjoy nuts – the crunch, the taste, the salt! You start to think eating healthy is easy. But despite your efforts you don’t lose any weight over a month. Then, you discover that you’re eating about 700 calories a day in nuts alone! Uh oh.

This is not some fake story. It is based on true events with one of my very fit athlete clients (she actually plays pro volleyball in Europe). She dropped to the floor when I told her that her nut habit is getting in the way of her “off season” weight loss attempts.

Learn more about controlling portion sizes.

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