We Love Arctic Zero!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. We might be screaming, though, because of the high calorie and fat content that most ice creams contain.

Arctic Zero has come to the rescue with their new frozen dessert. Billed as a nutritious ice cream, low in calories (150 or so per pint – not per serving!), and no fat, Arctic Zero refers to itself as a “protein shake you can eat with a spoon.” High in protein, milk and gluten-free with a low glycemic count and no artificial sweeteners,  this frozen dessert sounds too good to be true.

I found Arctic Zone Chocolate Peanut Butter at my local health food store and brought it home to sample. I was intrigued – how was it possible for an entire pint of ice cream to contain less than 150 calories? It’s made possible by the use of the Whey Protein concentrate that Arctic Zero has created. Quickly assimilated by your body, whey protein has been found to help in weight loss, creates a sense of fullness and promote lean muscle mass.

Sugar is a primary component of ice cream and causes the calorie count to sky rocket. Arctic Zero is not sweetened with traditional sugar but instead with Whey Low, a patented all natural sweetener that has 75% fewer calories than traditional sugar and combines lactose, sucrose, and fructose. This sweetener causes none of the gastric distress that many people experience with artificial sweeteners and has no weird aftertaste.

With all things “diet”, though, taste is key. After all, if it doesn’t taste good, it’s not going to be a food you reach for again and again.I found this ice cream to be very dense and sweet, but not in the same texture as traditional ice cream. Arctic Zero was more like a fudgesicle than a premium dessert. It was rich and satisfying and didn’t lead to a sense of deprivation. My family sampled it and of the other 7 members, 4 of them really enjoyed it. The other 3 said that it wasn’t creamy enough – but, in my mind, this wasn’t a draw back, just a texture difference.

Sold in flavors such as Vanilla Maple, Cookie & Cream, Coffee, Pumpkin Spice, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut butter, there’s something to please just about every taste. Sold in many retail stores nationwide, Arctic Zero is a win in our books!

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