Wear Me Out Clothing, the Spanx of Workout Gear, is Worthy of Your Sweat

I’m pretty low maintenance for a girl in her early 30s. I love a good deal on clothes, I’m addicted to resale stores, and I have no qualms about off-brands. However, when I became a runner about seven years ago, I started to get a little picky about certain things.

wear me out racerback

Bottom line: when you are giving your all physically, you can’t expect the cheapest shoe, shorts, or tank to do the same. So, while you’ll see me in consignment jeans, you won’t catch me in a cotton tee or off-brand short when I’m running and working out. The big brands make products that make the sport easier and they are well worth the expense.

When Wear Me Out Clothing contacted us about testing some of their athletic gear, I hopped at the chance to see what other offerings were out there. The brand says it’s a fitness and lifestyle wear. They advertise many pieces of clothing and have a range of items, even items they call “crossover” wear. I was sent a mesh racer back sport tank and extreme cinch back leggings. The color and design were nice and I was excited see what made this company unique.

Well, for starters, Wear Me Out (WMO) does not fit loose. When I tried on the M/L tank I felt a little squished. I was surprised that a size this large fit so snug. I reached out to the company rep who pointed me to the info about WMO’s material. She also explained that WMO has a reputation of being the “Spanx” of workout gear. She encouraged me to try the fit and workout before I declared the clothes too small.

The pants specifically were the tightest, they are made of WMO’s strongest material and are designed so nothing jiggles and all angles are smooth. Once I got the suckers on, I was impressed. They were tight, but they felt good. Same with the tank, it was tight, but as I did my planks in my workout routine, my belly didn’t drop an inch.

wear me out leggings

The tank also has a really nice mesh back that made it feel like I was bare on my back, meaning as the ab workout kicked in, I didn’t feel nearly as hot as usual. The pants, as I mentioned were tight, but not hot. The material wicks moisture and evaporates quickly according to the website. I can attest that no sweat was staining my yoga mat. I concluded with push ups and then a full body stretch, I did not leave a sweat angel of myself on the mat as I usually do.

I have to say, I really like the items I tested from Wear Me Out. While I may not care what my jeans are made of or whose label is on my shirt, I do expect a lot from my workout gear. Wear Me Out passed my test, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to the clothes I’ll sweat in.

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While Lacy was provided complimentary product from Wear Me Out, this post is not sponsored or influenced in any way and remains Lacy’s own opinion.

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