Weight Loss May Improve Sleep Apnea

Being overweight or obese can cause a number of negative health issues, including heart disease and diabetes. However, if you’re carrying a few extra pounds and having difficulty sleeping at night, it’s entirely possible that sleep apnea may be to blame.

Sleep apnea, a condition that causes interruption in breathing during sleep, can be difficult to overcome. However, according to a new study reported by FYI Living, obese men with sleep apnea who lost an average of 25 pounds over the course of a year experienced a dramatic improvement in their condition.

This study, which analyzed 63 obese men between 30 and 65 years of age, measured a number of factors, including the number of times a person’s breathing was interrupted per hour at the baseline, again after nine weeks and finally after 52 weeks.

Researchers have reported that after the diet, participants with severe problems showed more improvement than those with milder sleep apnea and that those who lost more weight showed a larger improvement after the diet.

While anyone planning to begin a new diet or weight loss regimen should consult their physician or health care provider, there are a number of ways a person can work to improve sleep apnea conditions and the quality of their sleep.

Avoid bright lights or TV in the bedroom. Make your room a calming, soothing place. Avoid any stimulation or distraction.

Exercise in the morning. Excessive exercise before bed can interrupt sleep cycles regardless of whether you suffer from sleep apnea. Get your workout over with in the morning so you are more likely to get a restful night’s sleep.

Avoid eating several hours before bedtime. The digestive process takes a number of hours and if you eat too close to bedtime, it becomes impossible for your body to rest. Avoid eating for approximately three hours before bedtime.

Talk to your doctor. There are a number of prescriptions, therapies and surgeries that are available to sleep apnea patients. While weight loss alone may help cure your condition, there may be help available to you in the meantime.

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