What’s Your Goal?

Continually setting personal fitness goals for yourself is crucial, not only for losing weight, but more importantly maintaining your weight. bernie salazarRemember, goals are goals because they aren’t necessarily attainable overnight, so be sure to carefully plot out the steps in between and celebrate each one of your small successes along the way.

After completing my first half marathon, I am setting out to complete my first full marathon. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my successes during my training and also share with you any occasional setbacks. So I now ask you, what is your goal and what steps are you taking toward your success?

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I am so glad you have blogged about this… I watch you guy’s last season and since then have lost almost 50 pounds and have signed up to run the Disney marathon with Team in Training in January 🙂 how great to hear about your story 🙂

Solomon Balboa says:

I’ve only learned about your weight loss accomplishments today. I saw you on local TV here where I live in Chicago, and that you were going to participate in your first full marathon. I went to cheer you on at around the 19 Mile mark and you were still going strong. I am not sure if you finished because I am writing this soon after coming back home. I really hope that you did go all the way and finished, I’m sure that those last few miles were really tough. I hope to one day participate and finish a marathon as well, but I am barely about to start my weight loss plan, which will be at least 100 pounds. Maybe in 3 years I will join you at the marathon finish line! Keep up the great work Bernie.

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