Why it’s Crucial to Eat Right Before You Conceive

By Emily Wade Adams, CNC at PrimingTheBump.com and Natal-Nutrition.com

Eat Right Before You ConceiveWhy It’s Crucial to Eat Right Before You Conceive

Some people get pregnant without any preparation, it’s true. So what’s the point of undertaking a fertility preparation program? Why can’t you just sit down with a tub of ice cream and watch Jersey Shore instead?

Well, aside from the obvious explanation that in most cases, watching Snooki isn’t going to get you pregnant, there are two crucial reasons to eat right before you conceive:

EASE OF CONCEPTION. Speaking of ‘reality,’ not everyone is as fecund as TV shows may have you believe (see: 16 and Pregnant; 19 Kids and Counting). In fact, about 10-15% of couples now experience some form of infertility, and that percentage is steadily rising.

To conceive with ease, your reproductive system must be in good working order. Which means that your body must have all the necessary nutrients on hand – and in sufficient quantities – to feed the cells, hormones & processes of the reproductive system. In addition, any compounds that interfere with fertility must be avoided.

A nutritional preparation period helps stock your body full of healthy, fertility-boosting nutrients while eliminating anything that could block reproduction. Not only does this improve reproductive health, but it also puts you in control of your journey toward conception.

BABY’S DEVELOPMENT. We all want our babies to be born smart and healthy – and we want them to stay that way throughout their lives. According to many reproductive health experts, the diet of both parents impacts a baby’s lifelong health, and her development is influenced by your eating habits even before she is conceived!

Baby’s health begins with healthy eggs & sperm from Mom & Dad. Once she is conceived, she requires specific nutrients to be available immediately as she grows. If they’re not there when she needs them, developmental quirks can occur, from crowded teeth to more severe birth defects like autism.

In addition, while grown-up Mom & Dad might be able to handle toxins without getting sick, just a tiny amount of that same toxin could wreak havoc on a double-celled organism like a newly conceived baby. Circulating toxins can contribute to infertility, birth defects, miscarriage and more.

For hundreds of years, most cultures enjoyed dedicated, special pregnancy preparations. These traditions have fallen by the wayside in today’s busy modern world, and our country’s health is in crisis mode. By refocusing on fertility preparations, we can improve our own well-being, our baby’s future, and the health of generations to come.

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