Yoga Helps Relieve Back to School Anxiety for Students and Teachers

First day of school jitters ensue this time of year for students and teachers alike. Just a few nasty side effects of back-to-school anxiety include  constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, and headaches. Your first reaction may be to pop a pill, but thankfully, yoga can help, too.

Practice these simple yoga poses in the morning before school and in the evening before bed to calm your nerves, clear your mind, and release stress and tension.

Easy Pose to Feel Grounded

More comfortable than trying to twist and tweak your knees in lotus pose, Easy Pose offers the same calming effect in mind and body. You don’t have to be a pro at meditation, either. This pose is appropriate for anyone willing to be more centered.

To practice, sit in a comfortable position on the floor with a pillow or a folded blanket under your hips. Bend your knees, cross your ankles, and let your legs relax toward the floor. Be sure your posture is erect and your breathing is rhythmic. Stay in this pose for up to five minutes. Practice Easy Pose to feel grounded and be secure within yourself.

Eagle Pose to Feel Balanced

Balancing is a great way to focus your mind and take heed of the present moment.

To get into Eagle Pose, stand up with both knees slightly bent. Cross your right thigh over your left leg and then bend your left knee a little more, as if you are sitting back in a chair with your legs crossed. Next, sweep your right arm underneath your left arm to cross your elbows and wrap your palms together. You must have sharp focus to maintain balance in Eagle Pose. Sharp focus is necessary to combat anxiety. Hold for five breaths and then switch sides.

Standing Twist to Feel Refreshed

Twists are helpful in the release of toxins, of both the mental and physical variety. This standing twist will help you let go of negativity, peer pressure, and the physical stress of adjusting to a new schedule.

Stand with feet hip width apart. Twist from your hips and torso by reaching your right arm forward and your left arm back. Gaze back at your left arm and try to look out of your left eye. Hold for five breaths and then switch sides. Feel your mind and body relaxed, renewed, and completely refreshed.

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