11 Safety Tips For Runners

woman runningWhile the benefits of running are extensive, it can also have its down sides if you don’t take precautions to be a safe runner. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you hit the road to ensure you return short nothing more than breath and sweat!

1. Map your trail: Always figure out your path before you start your run as this will keep you from getting lost or ending up in a dangerous place.

2. Run during the day: Try to run during the day or follow a well-lit path. This will help prevent any possible danger that could happen at night.

3. Take a partner: A running buddy is always a safe bet in case of injury or to keep would-be assailants away.

4. Hydrate before, during, and after your run: This will keep you hydrated and will prevent possible cramps.

5. Get new running shoes: It is recommended that you get new shoes every six months or so; this will help prevent your feet and knees from future injuries.

6. Stretch: Stretch before and after your run.

7. Run on a flat surface: Try to avoid uneven ground whenever possible as it’s more rough on the ankles and knees.

8. Check the weather: Make sure to check the weather report before your run, this will keep you from getting caught in the rain, a thunder storm, or worse.

9. Carry a phone or change for a phone call: Just in case you get lost, can’t finish the run, or have an injury during your run.

10. Run facing on-coming traffic: Do this so you know where the traffic is and so that you don’t get hit from behind.

11. Don’t wear black. Wear lighter colored clothing at night, or if you are dressed in black make sure you have on something reflective.

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