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What is it?

18Shake Diet combines high protein meal replacement shake with an all-natural fat burning supplement.

Official websiteclaims that this combination works up to 76% better for weight loss than regular meal replacement diet.Out of all diets available, our nutrition and diet experts rated it the best diet for sustained and safe weight loss results.

The metabolism boosting diet pill called BGC works to reduce the stress hormone which can make weight loss difficult, improve mood, stops sugar from turning into fat, and support overall weight loss. The benefits of the meal replacement is that it’s low calorie, free of artificial ingredients, has appetite suppressing fiber, and is sweetened with just one gram of plant based stevia. Find out more information on the 18Shake Diet Plan by clicking the link here.

18Shake Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

Here are select ingredients added to their diet pill and meal replacement:

Due-Protein complex (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate) Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin Stevia Extract Vitamin and Mineral Complex Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Rind Extract (80% Standardized HCA)

Due-Protein complex (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate):This protein combination has all the essential amino acids the body needs when replacing a meal, as well as being easy to digest.

Examine.com adds:

“It is very useful for hitting targeted daily protein goals”

“Whey is absorbed faster than other forms of protein, which means it also increases muscle protein synthesis”

Other benefits include:

“taking in more protein often aids with fat loss efforts”

It’s considered the best protein source due to its well-rounded amino acid profile.

Discover more about the 18Shake Diet by clicking this link.

Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin:A 90% dietary fiber source used to help withappetitesuppression and regularity. It does not alter blood sugar or insulin levels.

It also has been shown to regulate triglycerides and increase the feeling of satiety.

Stevia Extract:Alternative sweetener taken fromthe stevia plant. It has long been used in South American as a way to replace sugar, since it does not have the same blood sugar raising properties.

It’s an easy to digest sweetener that requires very little to provide a sweet taste to foods. It also does not have the obesity causing or metabolism altering effects that many other sweeteners have.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Rind Extract (80% Standardized HCA): Tropical fruit that has HCA or hydroxycitric acid, a substance that helps stop sugar from turning into fats as well as help suppress appetite. 80% HCA is considered an effective and potent strength for weight loss benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of the18Shake Diet by clicking this link.

18Shake Diet Quality of Ingredients

18Shake has just 90 calories per serving. Harvard Medical School found that the average single fast food meal:

“contained an average of 836 calories”

However, 18Shake also has 5 grams of appetite suppressing fiber, and 15 grams of wholesome whey protein to provide amino acids the body needs to function properly.  This is important, since when you’re reducing calories you’re also eating less available macronutrients that includes protein, carbohydrates and fiber. 18Shake combines low calorie nutrition but with high amounts of important nutrients.

Other benefits of this meal replacement include:

  • Trading a calorie dense meal for an appetite suppressing shake that has significantly fewer calories, making weight loss easier.
  • Full vitamin and mineral complex. There are around 1/3 of these nutrients which the body requires in order to help you feel good, and also to help maintain important body functions.
  • Easy to mix. You don’t even need a blender to make 18Shake. This makes it a quick meal that you can have on the go. You can also add ice, different fruits, and other ingredients to make it your own.

BCG is all natural,  has no stimulants, and it has a high 80% HCA, which is the key active ingredient that helps provide fat burning, improved mood, and reduced stress benefits. More information about the 18Shake Diet is available in this link.

The combination of these two diet supplements can help provide well-rounded weight loss results up to 78% more effective than a regular supplement.

They offer:

  • Appetite suppression. When combined with the fat burning effects of BGC, extra calories are burned while your appetite is suppressed. This limits the possibility for overeating, which multiplies the amount of calories lost.
  • Improved overall mood with reduced stress. When reducing calories the body is naturally stressed. Stress can make weight loss more difficult, that’s why it’s important to feel satiated and have an easy to use mixture of weight loss supplements.

The meal replacement 18Shake is often described as great tasting, which can make it easier to diet instead of having to use complicated, bad tasting, or nutritionally weak diet supplements. BGCcan reduce stress while 18Shakeis easy to use without being artificial and bad tasting.

  • No artificial ingredients, stimulants, or unwanted additives. Both 18Shake and BGC are made with the same standards using only high quality ingredients.

This makes weight loss more of a reachable goal, as the lack of unwanted ingredients means the body will get the nutrition and support it needs for weight loss.

You can find out more about the 18Shake Diet benefits by following this link.

Business of 18Shake Diet

The owners are the 18Nutrition company which can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (800)614-1820

Address: 3390 Deronda Dr.

Los Angeles, California 90068

The company offers a full risk free 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases.  They also make their diet pills and meal replacement in a GMP, FDA approved facility that ensures quality ingredients.

Customer Opinions of 18Shake Diet

Here are some customer reviews:

“This shake fills me for a few hours”

“it’s filling for 3-4 hours and I highly recommend it”

“Amazing! I loved it!!!!”

“It has worked great for me”

People say that BGC has well rounded weight loss benefits and that it’s easy to take. Customers of 18Shake also add how it’s filling, tastes good, mixes well, and helps suppress appetite for hours. The official website for the 18Shake Diet can be reached via this link.

How Does 18Shake Diet Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Easy to follow
  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • 18Shake Diet
  • 97 /100
Conclusion – Does 18Shake Diet Work?

The 18Shake Diet provides natural ingredients which have been studied and shown to help promote sustained and potent weight loss. That’s why our nutrition and diet experts have rated it the best diet plan of 2024. Learn more about the 18Shake Diet plan on their official website.

Customers also agree it’s a potent combination of a fat burner and a nutritionally balanced meal replacement. The combined effect is a more potent weight loss plan. 18Shake is a meal replacement which provides just 90 calories per serving, and an average meal can contain a significant amount more. With the calorie burning effects of BCG, this multiplies the amount of calories lost.

The 18Shake Diet has their metabolism boosting diet pill and meal replacement backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee. To visit the official website and learn more, click on the link here.

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Anita says:

Can I have more information on this diet and the price. I am looking for a weight loss program that works and does not restrict me to eggs, chicken, turkey as the only things you can eat. Thank you

June Bartie says:

Can I get this in Ireland?

Colette Kelly says:

Yes – they ship internationally
See below- copied from their website.

International Shipping:

Customer is responsible for shipping costs.

Orders are non refundable.

International delivery locations may very, please contact us by phone at 1-800-614-1820 or [email protected]

Angela says:

I would like to know the price on this weight loss program

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