6 Non-Egg Protein-Filled Breakfast Ideas

What’s not to love about eggs? They are inexpensive, readily available, and easy to cook. Despite their former bad wrap, they are actually a nutritional powerhouse with good fat and the vital nutrients vitamin D and choline. They seem like the answer to everyone’s breakfast protein problem.

Until you simply can’t look at another egg.

cottage cheese and fruit

Burnout happens. But you still need to start your day with a breakfast that will stay with you and keep your willpower strong as you stroll past the donuts in the break room. Here are five breakfasts with plenty of protein and where eggs aren’t the star. I guarantee they will fuel your long run or keep you from hitting the vending machine before lunch.

Cottage Cheese: This dieter’s staple found popularity for good reason – one half-cup has 16 grams of protein! Sprinkle with some milled flaxseed and your favorite fruit (I hear kiwi is awesome) for a heartier-than-it-looks morning treat. You can even use it to make these breakfast brownies.

Protein pancakes: The eggs are hiding in many varieties of this fitness staple, but you’ll never know it. Try my Vanilla Coconut Protein pancakes. Make a big batch on the weekend and reheat throughout the week for a quick breakfast.

Greek Yogurt: Growing in popularity, Greek yogurt seems to be everywhere. But beware; many versions have a lot of added sugar and not as much protein as their claims might lead you to believe. I tell my clients to look for plain varieties with at least 10 grams of protein. Then they can add their own goodies, like frozen berries or PB2. You can even make your own Greek yogurt at home.

Chia Jam on Ezekiel Bread: Two slices of the sprouted grain bread have 8 grams of protein on their own. Make some quick and easy chia jam to add more protein and good fat for a filling and quick breakfast that pairs lovely with a cup of tea.

Quinoa: Instead of oats, try quinoa for your warm breakfast cereal. It’s a plant-based complete protein (meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids) and is great for those who are eating vegan or gluten free. Try this Creamy Quinoa with Dried Cranberries from Vegetarian Times for a family-friendly weekend breakfast.

Protein Shakes: If you need breakfast in a cup and you’re headed out the door, be sure to check out Iron Woman Smoothie or Carrot Cake Protein Shake.

What did I forget? Where do you get your breakfast protein?

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