America Is Global Leader in Obesity

This September, we’ve seen a lot of initiatives to improve school lunches as back-to-school coincides with National Childhood Obesity Awareness month. Jillian Michaels urged Congress to pass a bill to improve school lunches, The Great American Salad Bar Project was launched by Ann Cooper and Michelle Obama continues to promote her Let’s Move! campaign.

While all these initiatives are exciting, they are also a reminder of how far America has to go before it can consider its population healthy and fit. As the chart by Paul Kendrosky below illustrates, the U.S. is the most overweight nation in the world. Just under 70 percent of our population is overweight. We’re followed by England and Spain. If this trend prediction is correct, 75 percent of Americans will be overweight within ten years.

Overweight Populations

Graph by Paul Kendrosky

According to America’s Future 2022 report, 38 states have obesity rates of 25 percent or more. That’s not even taking into account people who are overweight. One in three American children suffer from obesity. Let’s applaud the efforts of those who are trying to change these statistics while continuing to look for ways to help our communities be more active and eat better.

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