Americans Like Their Workouts Solo and Seldom. New Research Finds Only 20 Percent are Exercising

Seventy percent of Americans prefer to workout alone, and they usually only get around to that about once a week. Quick and solo was the general consensus.

That’s the finding in a new study, in which a group of 1,200 adults aged 24 to 44 were asked about exercise habits. Some strong truths were revealed.

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“We know that among the general population about 20 percent exercise regularly, not say they do but do, and about, 80 percent don’t exercise,” said Dr. Walter Thompson, who studies exercise trends for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), in the published findings at Reuters. The doctor noted that many people exaggerate in their responses and the reality is that the amount of people getting exercise is extremely low.

So low as only 20 percent? That’s the stark reality of this survey. The ACSM recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise each week. And despite what those being surveyed answered, a tiny fraction are actually getting the work done.

While the focus of the article pointed out the trends in exercise, the stats were what really stood out. Yes, those who do exercise prefer running, followed by weights, and then biking and hiking. But the further truth is that only two out of 10 people are actually doing these things at all.

Are you getting your minimum of 150 minutes each week? Do you know how? Do you know why you should? A study out of Copenhagen last year found that 30 minutes of exercise may yield more weight loss than a full hour.

These seem like good questions to ask in the next survey. Instead of telling us how we like to exercise, remind us why we should. And in case you were unclear, here are a few good reasons, just to get you started.

1. Weight control

2. Combats disease and illness

3. Improves mood

4. Boosts Energy

5. Better Sleep

6. Stress relief

7. Promotes longevity

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One Response to Americans Like Their Workouts Solo and Seldom. New Research Finds Only 20 Percent are Exercising

Dan Höering says:

I’ve known these stats for 40 years. And it’s really closer to 15% of Americans workout one time a week. Sad, but true. People would rather eat and drink regularly versus workout regularly.

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