An Adventure in Exercise Books Make Fitness Fun for Kids

Most kids spend hours every day immersed in technology, online in chat rooms or playing games on gaming systems. This lack of exercise has had a negative affect on the health of our children, with obesity rates higher than ever and with the current generation projected to be the first to die younger than their parents.

Children’s fitness innovator Len Saunders has been working with children for close to 30 years, trying to fight childhood obesity.  He has hosted the Project ACES event, where millions of children exercise simultaneously the first Wednesday in May.

Now, Saunders has a new, younger goal in mind: the preschool to third grade set. He has written a new book series called An Adventure in Exercise, starring Joey the Kangaroo and Spunky the Monkey. The children can read and interact with the books while they have fun exercising with each page. This one-of-a-kind book has garnered much praise from teachers and parents alike. Children enjoy the kid friendly illustrations, and the rhyming appeals to children of all ages.

According to Saunders, “Exercise can be enjoyable for children when parents make it fun! These books are like no other, as they will inspire young children to stay healthy and fit.”

There are a lot of ways to get your children active and involved: play with them, set up obstacle courses in the house or backyard, go for bike rides or go roller skating together. It’s nice to see people working together to help kids get into the best condition and live a healthier life.

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