Bernie’s Biggest Loser Premier Recap

Biggest Loser Week 1 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Season 6 of The Biggest Loser has officially started. This season the creators have chosen to pit husband and wife teams, led by Bob, against parent and children teams, led by Jillian. I think this new dynamic is brilliant- let’s face it, the loved ones in our lives often are our worst enablers.

amy and shellay biggest loser


Having gone through the process of losing weight in front of millions, my heart goes out to this season’s contestants along with my encouragement and support.

adam capers stacey capers


Tonight we saw Adam and Stacey, the green team, eliminated; I wish them nothing but the best and have the utmost confidence having seen their after photos that they will succeed in getting healthy. I’ve already started picking my favorites, and would love to hear who you are cheering for (Vote Now!), so be sure to let me know. Again, I can’t urge all of you enough to begin your journey along side this season’s contestants and use them as motivation to get healthy. Be sure to tune in next week to the Biggest Loser and visit me here at for my episodic recap.

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C says:

I’m with you on the yellow & grey teams! I’m betting Colleen’s dad will come through big time for the team. He’s a police officer, so you know he’s able to get into a “taking care of business” mind set.

Thanks for the recap… You go, Bernie!

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