Best Places to Run in Seattle

seattle skyline at nightSeattle, Washington is an amazing coastal city that has so much to offer its locals and tourists. Seattle is home to luxurious sky scrapers, rock legends, irresistible fresh seafood, and an active outdoors culture with several great places to run. Below is a list of the best and safest places to run in Seattle.

Best Places to Run in Seattle

  1. Green Lake Park: One of Seattle’s most beloved parks that attracts tons of locals and tourists each day. The park offers plenty of recreation area, a newly reconstructed three-mile jogging path, and scenic lake-front views.
  2. Discovery Park: Seattle’s largest park is located near the beach. This amazing park offers more than 11 miles of trails and sight-seeing. A must-see and do if you are new to the Seattle area.
  3. Seward Park Trail: The six-and-a-half mile trail offers great views of South Seattle, the beach, natural forest, and bird watching. This is a great place to run if you are wanting to just get away from it all.

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