Biggest Loser Club: The Weight-Loss Program for the Reluctant Dieter

Weight Loss ShowThe Biggest Loser Club, the companion weight-loss program to smash-hit show The Biggest Loser, is perfect for people who want to lose weight but just can’t seem to muster up the motivation. The site provides users with support from professionals and fellow members and it also provides tools that help keep you excited about losing weight. Because you can do it by yourself—sometimes you just need some help. Need help staying on track? You can connect with The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper and cast members through the site’s message boards. You can discuss tips and your progress with fellow Biggest Loser Club members. Join an online weight loss challenge team or do a buddy challenge and compete to reach your goals, just like on The Biggest Loser. Read testimonials. Check out other member’s personal home pages and profiles—and make your own, too. All of these helpful tools will help keep your new food and fitness regimen fresh, fun, and easy to follow.

Everything you need to reach your weight-loss goals is right at your fingertips on the Biggest Loser Club site. From recipes to fitness plans to support, the Biggest Loser Club has it all ready, just for you. Each member gets a personalized diet and exercise program, with new recipes, shopping lists, and exercise regimens every day—just another way the Biggest Loser Club helps to motivate you.

On top of all that, with the start of the fourth season of The Biggest Loser, the Biggest Loser Club has launched fantastic new social networking capabilities, more meal planning features, more workouts, more fitness tools, and hundreds of new recipes.

So if want to lose weight and motivation’s what you’re lacking, the Biggest Loser Club has all the tools ad support you’ll need to boost that motivation and achieve your weight-loss goals.

You can check it out yourself by logging on to Biggest Loser Club website and getting a free profile and weight loss plan.

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SallyB says:

I love the Biggest Loser! Go Black Team. Jillian Michaels Rocks!

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