Choose the Next Biggest Loser and Win!

Now that you’ve seen the first episode of Biggest Loser: Families, you probably have your hunch about who will take home Biggest Loser title and $250,000 prize. So, let’s hear it! Who will win this season?

biggest loser

Make your selection now. After the finale in December, we’ll hold a drawing for all the correct answers. One of you will take home our Biggest Loser Prize Pack- with a Biggest Loser Cookbook, Success Stories, Fitness and workout DVDs, a value of $40.

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9 Responses to Choose the Next Biggest Loser and Win!

jake says:

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barb says:


kelly Hedberg says:

love this show,,

Natalie says:

I can’t remember their names, but I have to go with the boys from Boston…the gray team.

Deb Wallin says:

Very big fan of the show.

Laura G says:

I’m thinking the grey team will win

Erin G says:

The Contestants on the Biggest Loser are inspirations. I watch the show and it makes me want to work harder to lose wight and be healthy.

dawn horns says:

I love watching this

lpaul m says:

good contest to win

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