Ciclotte Combines Fitness and Home Decor

Home exercise equipment is a convenient way to workout: no gym memberships to pay for, no commute to and from the gym, no worrying about what you’re wearing and how look and you can fit in a little exercise whenever you have a few spare minutes.

The downside, however, is home fitness machines are bulky and unattractive, so much so, that treadmills are now designed to fold up to save space and be less conspicuous, and a major selling point of home gym infomercials is that you can slide the machine under your bed or fit it in a closet. Fitness equipment is ugly, plain and simple, and sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise well-decorated, comfortable home.

But shouldn’t we be proud of our fitness equipment? If the point if it is to seamlessly fit fitness into our everyday lives, aren’t we selling ourselves short with equipment we are embarrassed to show off?

Enter Ciclotte, the revolutionary stationary bike that you will be proud to show off.

Ciclotte is a unique exercise bike, designed and made in Italy, that is designed to make you rethink the traditional look and function-only properties of fitness equipment.

Ciclotte is made of sleek and durable materials like carbon, steel and glass fibers that allow this bike the have the look and feel of a modern piece of furniture.

According to Ciclotte, the concept of the bike “was created from the need to introduce a design into everyday living, which could be a real expression of contemporary living where work and relaxation, exercise and entertainment share a single dimension” truly integrating fitness into your everyday life. The Ciclotte is a great accessory for your home, office, porch or home gym.

Despite the focus on the aesthetic, the Ciclotte is still a standout piece of fitness equipment. Designed to reproduce the performance
of real, on-road cycling, this small machine is built for high intensity spinning, giving you a great cardio workout that let’s you look great doing it.

Via Ciclotte

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