Crystal Light Pure Fitness Hydrates Naturally

Crystal Light was the first powdered drink mix on the scene that gave you a low-calorie and sugar-free way to stay hydrated and quench your thirst. While the diet drink brand has been around since 1982 (actress Linda Evans was the original spokesperson), Crystal Light continues to update its offerings that marry new exciting flavors with less processed ingredients.

Classic Crystal Light is artificially sweetened with aspartame (NutraSweet), the no-calorie sweetener, but with the recent popularity of the Stevia plant, a  reduced calorie sugar alternative, has spurred a new line of drink mixes, Crystal Light Pure Fitness with Truvia, the trademarked brand of Stevia. And that is why Crystal Light Pure Fitness is one of our latest Food Finds.

Because Stevia comes from a plant, it is classified as a natural sweetener. It is made from rebiania and erythritol and other natural flavors. It is considered 30 times sweeter than regular sugar, and since the body does not metabolize the sugar molecules from the Stevia leaf or any of its processed forms, there is no caloric intake. Stevia is also considered a wonder sugar by diabetics because it doesn’t adversely affect blood glucose levels.

Crystal Light recognizes how health-conscious its target audience is, and therefore created the Pure Fitness line to support their devoted fans’ desire to consume foods free of additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Pure Fitness currently comes in three flavors: Lemon Lime, Strawberry Kiwi and Grape. The flavors contain cane juice, sugar, Truvia, and dried fruit and vegetable extracts. They also contain electrolytes to aid in hydration.

Each serving of Crystal Light Pure Fitness contain 15 calories, a bit more than the five calories contained in the other artificially-sweetened Crystal Light drinks. And just like with all powdered Crystal Light packages, you simply add into water, shake or stir and drink.

I have tried Lemon Lime Pure Fitness and while I like it, the stevia plant contains a different kind of sweetness than sucralose (Spenda) or aspartame (NutraSweet). By different, I don’t mean bad, but the taste is just simply different than what my artificial sweetener-trained taste buds are used to. But, given the natural-based sweetness of Stevia, that difference is a taste I will definitely get used to.

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