Daily Burn’s Food Scanner iPhone App is an Essential Food Journal Tool

daily burn iphone appIf you count calories, food journal, or are simply concerned with keeping track of what exactly you’re consuming each day, then you must try the Daily Burn Food Scanner app for the iPhone. This hot new app might be the best new thing to happen in dieting and weight loss. Using the camera in your iPhone (any model), you can scan the UPC code on packaged foods, and within seconds have the complete food label in front of you. The best part, it will also log all of those nutrition facts for you.

Tracking and counting calories has never been easier, as Daily Burn’s Food Scanner app currently has 200,000 foods in its database. This is ideal because you’re not just limited to scanning packaged, processed foods, you can also log fresh, whole foods – like fruits, vegetables, or meat. While you can’t scan these items without a UPC, you can access their nutrition information.foods scanner iphone app

Daily Burn Food Scanner features include:

  • Scan barcode or type in food name
  • Available for all iPhone models
  • View entire nutrition labels
  • Add new foods by uploading photos and UPC codes
  • Tracks daily calorie consumption

Daily Burn, formerly known as Gyminee, also has a robust site where you can sync your app food journal as well as monitor exercise and fitness activities, monitor your weight loss to goal, find weight loss buddies, and more!

Try the Food Scanner for the iPhone now!

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