Dance Your Ass Off Season Wrap-Up

dance your ass offEven though Ruben was the big (or smaller) winner during last week’s Dance Your Ass Off season finale, all of the contestants came back for one last episode to show off their amazing weight loss since they had been eliminated from the series.

While everyone was truly transformed, no one underwent a metamorphosis like Miles. Losing 90 pounds since the beginning of the show to last night’s reunion, Miles started the show at 260 pounds and unveiled his amazing leaner bod at just 170 pounds. Miles’ elimination obviously did not deter him from his motivation to keep his weight loss journey thriving.

Pinky: Total weight loss: 25 pounds

Ruben: Total weight loss: 90 pounds

Shayla: Total weight loss: 50 pounds

Alicia: Total weight loss: 95 pounds

miles dance your ass offMiles: Total weight loss: 90 pounds

Angela: Total weight loss: 36 pounds

Mara: Total weight loss: 44 pounds

Tara: Total weight loss: 52 pounds

Trice: Total weight loss: 69 pounds

Warren: Total weight loss: 25 pounds

Karla: Total weight loss: 20 pounds

Brandan: Total weight loss: 20 pounds

And as a true finale to the dance/weight loss competition, all of the contestants hit the stage together and boogied it up in their new svelte bods.

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