Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Race

For the last two days, Dr. Phil has dedicated his show to weight loss with the Ultimate Weight Loss Race, bringing healthy competition to day time television. dr. philIt sounds a little like the Biggest Loser meets the Amazing Race; six teams of two will be racing across the country and competing to lose the most weight. Each team has their own trainer, and to add to the similarities, Kim Lyons, previously seen on the Biggest Loser, is one of the trainers.

Kim is training the pink team, Ferris State University juniors Annette and Emilie, battling that “freshman fifteen” and sabotaging themselves and each other.

annette and emilie

Married only five years, the green team, Phil and Tiffany from Maryland, say they argue daily. Their trainer Nathaniel Best, a Sergeant in the Marine Reserves, claims that his training style is not that of a Drill Sergeant and will likely utilize his martial arts training.

phil and tiffany

Shawnee Harkins, a former firefighter and EMT who emphasizes diet and a personal support team, will be training the purple team, 21-year old twins Joe and Lauren from New York.

joe and lauren

Minnesota father Verne is blaming quitting smoking for his obesity and himself for his son Patrick’s inactivity. The blue team will be trained by Miss Fitness America Pageant Champion Nicole Rolollazo.

verne and patrick

Zubevi “Strong” Khalfani will be promoting water and discipline to help the orange team lose this weight. Jeff and Richard, brothers from California and both former high school football stars, report gaining weight through emotional eating following the deaths of their father and grandmother.

jeff and richard

Surprised audience members Meleneise and Toria, Michigan stay-at-home-moms who admit to using their children as an excuse for unhealthy eating habits and teasing each other about their weight, were selected to be the final team. Their trainer Jeremy Rucker emphasizes a holistic approach and is certified in biomechanics.

meleneise and toria

I’ll be keeping an eye on Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Race and explaining some of the psychological principles discussed on the show and in his 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom in future posts.

23 Responses to Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Race

allison campbell says:

Good Luck to ALL contestants in this weight loss race! STAY FOCUSED and STAY POSITIVE!

Brooke says:

It always helps to know people are cheering you on! Thanks for posting your encouragement, Allison.

michelle says:

Please give me the dates that the show will have the contestants on. Thankyou

Brooke says:

Michelle, I haven’t seen a full announcement, so I am checking http://www.DrPhil.com at the beginning of each week. There isn’t an Ultimate Weight Loss Race episode this week, but hopefully next week.

Carol says:

I haven’t been able to see any of the contestants since they started. I would like to know when they are on tv so I can see them. I would like to know how they are doing with their weight loss.

Toria says:

Hey All, my name is Toria, I’m from the Yellow Team. We are so thrilled to see that so many of you are interested in our success and rooting us on. I never imagined going on this show that we would have such an impact on people lives. Carol, from what I know everyone is doing great and having terrific weight loss results. We appreciate all of your support. Continue to follow us as we continue on our road to success. Thanks a bunch!

God Bless


Brooke says:

I’ll post here when I know when the next episode will be aired… Sound good? I couldn’t find a listing anywhere more than a week in advance.

Brian says:

When will the next episode be aired? It’s been two months since the last episode aired.

Brooke says:

I look at the upcoming episodes every week, but he is showing different things. I will make an announcement when I see one coming up. It won’t be this week 🙁

Brian says:

It’s not on this week, either.

Brooke says:

Thanks for letting us all know, Brian.

Brian says:

Nor is it on this week…

Jeff and Rich says:

Hey LA!! RIch and Jeff

I barely recognized your pictures on this site after meeting you two in person at LA fitness. You are and look fantastic, you’re an inspiration. Hey Rich don’t hog all the machines either, but keep it going it shows how hard you have both worked.
New Your Kim

Brian says:

Hey Jeff and Rich, do you know when the Ultimate Weight Race will return to Dr. Phil?

Brian says:

It won’t be on this week, either.

Brian says:

It wasn’t on last week, and it won’t be on this week either.

Brian says:

Toria was interviewed some time back, and the article said that the race would return this Wednesday…and the Dr. Phil schedule said that Wednesday’s show is called Honeymoon Hangover.

Anyone want to call Dr. Phil’s office and say we want to see the rest of the race?

Heidi says:

My niece is on the pink team & my mom told me they will start airing the shows again in Feb., but my niece wasn’t sure exactly when.

Heidi says:

Also, on the pink team’s picture, the names are switched.

Brian says:

Dr. Phil was supposed to have it on today, but it was bumped in favor of a show on the octuplets born to a mother of six…

Abbey says:

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!! I HOPE YOU CAN FIND HAPPINESS WITH YOURSELVES AND YOU CAN CONTINUE LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST…..side note…Richard’s story really got to me….he seems like a great guy and I’d wish that I’d get to be one of the girls he would go on a date with (because he mentioned he didnt date because of his weight…) good luck 😉

GINA says:

Richard and Jeffrey looked awesome! Now Richard if you are out there reading this I would totally love to meet you :), you were handsome from day one and WOW! even more so.

GINA says:

Lauren and Joe, were another amazing transformation. You two rocked!!! Lauren you looked so amazing in your swimsuit! Congrats on the new You!! (both of ya)

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