Enjoy the State Fair without the Fat

FairWe’re in the heart of state fair season. The Kansas state fair just finished, the New Mexico state fair runs through the end of this weekend, the Hawaii state fair opens September 30th, and the South Carolina state fair opens October 13th. Plus there are many other regional and county fairs. But for someone trying to lose weight, fairs may seem too much temptation to be worth the trip.

State fairs are home to some of the craziest, most calorie-packed foods imaginable.  The Krispy Kream fried chicken sandwich, fried beer, fried meatball and spaghetti, and fried jelly beans all made their debuts at state fairs. While some of these foods may disgust you, others may be tempting, at least for their novelty if nothing else.

Going to the fair doesn’t have to be the death of a diet. There’s plenty of delicious produce, from the last of the summer vegetables to the fall harvest just around the corner. Check out these tips on fair-food do’s and dont’s, to have fun and stay healthy at the season’s fairs.

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