Fast Food Nightmares: McDonald’s Big Mac Snack Wrap

The fast-food designers are at it again. And The Golden Arches are at the top of the list with their newest creation, the Big Mac Snack Wrap, a burrito-style version of a Big big mac snack wrap

As if the Angus Burger bombs, KFC’s Double Down Chicken Sandwich, and Hardee’s Fried Bologna Biscuit Sandwich weren’t enough to empower anyone to lose all hope in fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s adds insult to injury with this disastrous sandwich.

While the name “snack wrap” makes you think this is just a harmless little snack-sized sandwich that you might munch on as a small afternoon pick-me-up, think again. This is a burrito, folks. It’s name, “Big Mac Snack Wrap,” is just a sneaky marketing maneuver to get you to think that what you are eating is akin to a half of a turkey sandwich a few crackers and cheese. And even if you’re watching your carbs, don’t be fooled by this seemingly lower carb version of a nutritional nightmare: White flour is white flour and a Big Mac is a Big Mac.

As its name does imply, the Big Mac Snack Wrap is a Big Mac with all of the signature fixings – sliced burger patty, special sauce, lettuce, onions, cheese, pickle but no sesame seed bun. The sandwich was test-marketed in Canada and has slowly made its way across the border to the U.S. where it has hit Chicago and Houston.

The nutrition information of the Big Mac Snack Wrap is mysteriously absent from McDonald’s website even though I did find one source that reported that each wrap contains 350 calories and 21 grams of fat. (A traditional Big Mac sandwich is 540 calories and 29 grams of fat.)

The wrap sells for less than $2 and is slated to be making its way to a McDonald’s near you. Consider yourself warned.

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