Feed Your Family of 5 for $25 Challenge

There was a time in history when $25 would have fed a family of 5 for a week or more. Times have changed and money just doesn’t go as far these days. Often, many families have a strict budget for meals, and they find themselves cutting out key nutrition in order to get those budget numbers to line up.

Recently, Whole Foods Markets initiated a challenge to feed a family of 5 a nutritious, healthy dinner for $25. That’s more difficult than it sounds. Sure, if you served Ramen noodles and canned pears, it can be done – especially if three of the family members are under the age of five. But what if you wanted to serve a nutritious, well-balanced meal? A meal that covered all of the key elements, was delicious and filling, and you have three teenagers? Do you think it could be accomplished?

Whole Foods is often thought of as one of the more expensive grocery stores around, offering specialty brands and organic products, but to prove that you can eat healthy for cheap if you know how to shop, they have come up with menus using their products to prove the point.

Below are two of the meals that Whole Foods has recommended as being budget-friendly with festive flavors that feel like a splurge.

Menu #1

• Mixed Greens With Carrots and Almonds
• Peruvian-Style Roasted Chicken With Sweet Onions
• Brown Rice
• Broiled Pears With Honey and Thyme

Menu #2

• Roll-Your-Own Burritos
• Roast Butternut Squash With Cumin
• Mexican Coffee Sundaes

Check out the full menu here. Tell me, what would you choose to feed your family within the $25 parameter?

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