Fight Cancer with Fruit

Kiwi cancer fruit

Countless dollars have been spent researching a cure for cancer. If you don’t want to wait for scientists to develop a miracle pill, there may be some natural ways to ward off the awful disease.

Have you ever heard of Salvestrol Q40? Most people haven’t. But according to some exciting research at Leicester School of Pharmacy in England, there’s something very “apeeling” about tangerines. This little known chemical called Salvestrol Q40 is found at higher concentrations in tangerine peels, than in the actual flesh of the fruit. Maybe you’ll think twice about tossing out the peels next time.

Salvestrol 40 is a type of phytoalexin, a chemical produced by plants that in its natural state repels attackers like insects or fungi.

When the chemical enters a cancer cell, it is converted into a toxic compound, which purportedly kills the cell. In fact, the researchers found that it proved to be 20 times more toxic to cancer cells than their healthy equivalents.

Other researchers have found that color makes a difference in fruit. The darker colors seem to be more potent cancer fighters. In fact, anthocyanins, which color red, purple and blue fruits, slowed the growth of colon cancer cells. So consider eating more blueberries, apples and radishes.

Dr. Hoon Tan, the lead researcher at the Leicester school, says his work is still in its infancy, but he plans to form a company to
investigate the potential cancer killer further along with other potential natural anti-cancer therapies.

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