Fitness Tips For The Football Spectators

Football season is back in full swing and that means a lot of sitting around and eating like crap. I’m guilty and it’s definitely tough to eat healthy and stay active on Saturday and Sunday, and even Monday night due to all the fun-filled action. I have put together a few ideas or thoughts that may help you make the healthier choices this football season.

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Fitness Tips For Football Season

  • Drink plenty of water during the games (this will help decrease the ol’ appetite a little bit)
  • Have fresh fruits and veggies available instead of chips or other fatty foods
  • Get up and move around during the commercials (stairs or few laps around the house)
  • If you have a treadmill or stationary bike, place those in front of the television and work-out while spectating
  • Every touchdown or field goal do push-ups/crunches or any other selected activity (for a touchdown do 7 push-ups and for a field goal do 3)

  • During half-time, or before the next game starts, take the dog for a walk or play catch with the football with someone special

Football season is a great time of the year for friend and family gatherings, please be careful and enjoy the time that you have together.

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