Floyd Mayweather Stays on Top by Training Like a Champion

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unquestionably one of the best boxers in the sport. On September 14, he won a match against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, bringing his record to a staggering 45-0. In the case of Mayweather and many other top athletes, success all comes down to training. If you want to start training like a boxer, try these tips from Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince, “take kickboxing lessons and work with a trainer to learn hand speed and hand eye coordination. Also, jumping rope is a great way to build your endurance.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr training

For professionals like Mayweather, the tiniest of details matter most. He is known to be incredibly picky about everything from the gloves he uses to the socks he wears while training. According to personal trainer John Platero, it isn’t unusual for elite athletes to act in that manner. “Every athlete is different, and most are superstitious,” he said. “They will always put a certain glove on first or lace the shoes a certain way.” Once the details are taken care of, athletes like Mayweather move on to intense physical training.

Top athletes can spend hours in the gym perfecting their craft and keeping in shape. Though Mayweather doesn’t like to go into detail about his workouts, he did share with Men’s Health that when not training through boxing he likes to work with a medicine ball and other bodyweight exercises. Mayweather also shared that he prefers to train with someone instead of by himself. We agree that working out with a friend or trainer can be beneficial as they will help keep you motivated.

In the months and days leading up to a fight, athletes like Mayweather are “tapering,” or gradually easing up on the intensity of their workouts. “The goal is to keep form, remain limber and maintain what athletes refer to as ‘the razor’s edge’,” Platero said. “The day before, a fighter would not perform a very strenuous or a very long workout. The last thing a fighter wants to do is injure themselves.” Diet plays a role in an athlete like Mayweather’s success too. Hydration is extremely important, as is adequate rest. Platero also said that an athlete such as Mayweather would want to be sure to consume enough electrolytes and a diet consisting of complex carbohydrates that are low in fiber.

Beyond the physical preparation for a fight, there is also mental preparation. For Mayweather it again comes down to the little details. If he’s feeling in control of what he is doing, it helps him feel in control of the fight. “Athletes must believe they will win. The fighter and his coach will once again review the strategies for the bout; the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and any other last minute concerns,” Platero said. Mayweather has never given any indication that he feels anything but 100 percent sure of his success. Maybe that’s why he has done so well. According to Platero, “a winner always believes he’s a winner.”

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