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 What is it?

 The Gluten Free Diet is a way of eating often practiced by people with an allergy to gluten or those looking to lose weight. People sensitive to gluten will often have inflammation and issues in the small intestine when they eat certain foods.

The basics of the diet are to ban certain kinds of foods which can be hard for some to digest. There are many common foods that are not allowed on this diet, so it’s important to find healthy substitutes. Gluten itself is a form of protein found in certain grains, and is low in nutrients. Our review experts have analyzed many kinds of diets and found the 18Shake Diet promoted the most well-rounded weight loss benefits.  It includes both a meal replacement that suppressed appetite for hours and a fat burning diet pill. Discover more information about the 18Shake Diet by clicking the link here.

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Gluten Free Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

All forms of gluten are banned, which means there is no allowance for:

  • Wheat, barley, rye, spelt, malt flavoring, malt vinegar, triticale, kamut, oat (certain kinds), hybrid grains and any packaged foods with added gluten.
  • Beer, cereals, gravies, pastas, lunch meats, salad dressings, many sauces, imitation seafood, soup basedseasoned snack foods, croutons, cookies wafers, crackers, candies, and breads unless it clearly states it’s free of gluten.

It’s also advised to read labels for prepackaged foods to make sure there is a gluten free label. Often processed and packaged goods will add gluten as a stabilizer to many kinds of products. Gluten is what gives texture and a chewy texture to things like pizza dough and bread. Often recommended substitutes with similar texture and flavor profiles are:

  • Arrowroot, buckwheat, amaranth, flax, corn, hominy, quinoa, millet, rice, sorghum, tapioca, teff, and soy.

Other recommend foods that are also free of gluten include:

  • Eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, and most kinds of dairy products.

Gluten in certain people can cause health problems such as inflammation, and it’s necessary for those affected to avoid gluten. This diet is then essential for those who are affected by this health issue. According to Cure Celiac

“Celiac disease affects 1% of healthy, average Americans”

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Though gluten has been seen as a negative thing to avoid in recent years, very few people actually have a negative reaction to it. Those without intolerance can eat gluten heavy foods and suffer no issues from gluten itself. Furthermore, there is a potential health risk in avoiding gluten as the Mayo Clinic adds:

“People who follow a gluten-free diet may have low levels of certain vitamins and nutrients in their diets”

Therefore, they advise:

“Ask a dietician to review your diet to see what you’re getting enough of these key nutrients”

The listed nutrients that can lack in a diet free of gluten are fiber, calcium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. This can cause issues in the body and health overall health damage. Therefore it’s advised to make sure one is introducing healthy foods in order to make up for the reduction of gluten foods that also carry nutrients.

A Gluten Free Diet is also not a way to lose weight. The only way one would experience weight loss is due to the lack of a food group, which results in fewer calories. Still, one may still eat in excess other kinds of foods and gain weight. This diet is intended to help those who have to deal with celiac, even though some books have marketed their books as a way to prevent gluten intake to help people lose weight. Kathleen Zelman a registered dietician adds:

“there is no evidence to support it as a weight loss diet”

“Removing all grains from your diet is not recommended”

She also mentions whether or not to use this diet:

“There is nothing magical about eliminating gluten that will improve your health or boost your weight loss unless you’re intolerance to gluten”

Therefore, it’s clear unless someone has been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, there’s no reason to ever ban this protein which is found in many whole and nutritious foods. There is no evidence available to help promote a Gluten Free Diet as an effective weight loss solution.

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Gluten Free Diet Quality of Ingredients

The diet does ban a lot of healthy foods which can lead to a nutritional deficiency if it’s not balanced with wholefoods. There’s also no reason to use this diet unless one is a part of the small population with intolerance.

Avoiding gluten can be difficult as many kinds of prepackaged foods have hidden amounts of gluten as well. There is also a possible cross contamination as many facilities that process foods work in a gluten containing area. This cab make eating out and choosing foods difficult as extra time has to be paid to analyzing every food source.

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The Price and Quality of Gluten Free Diet

The price depends on what foods one chooses to substitute for gluten containing foods. Due to the lack of acceptance for this diet as a weight loss solution, it only needs to be followed by the rare few who have an issue with digesting gluten.

Often people on this diet struggle with a learning curb as eating out is difficult, and many kinds of foods have gluten or they’re manufactured in a gluten processed facility. The dietician Katherine Tallmadge also adds:

“For most other people, a gluten-free diet won’t provide a benefit… people who unnecessarily shun gluten may do so at the expense of their health”

There are better solutions for weight loss available that don’t restrict a nutritious source of food. Click this link to see which diets were ranked as the best for weight loss.

Business of Gluten Free Diet

Multiple books and guides are available to help people with celiac disease deal with this diet. There are also recipes and suggestions for meal planning for those who struggle with the diet.

There’s not one company that started this diet, as it’s mostly followed by those who suffer from inflammation if they were to eat gluten. For the majority of people on this diet it’s done not for weight loss, but to help prevent inflammation and potential disease associated with gluten.

Customer Opinions of Gluten Free Diet

Here are a few reviews from those who have tried this diet for weight loss:

“I think it will be difficult for most people to follow consistently for a long time”

“puzzled to understand why so many people would seek out gluten-free dies rather than just cutting back on carbs”

Most who left reviews were people who had intolerance to gluten. The few that tried this diet in order to achieve weight loss often found it difficult. There was a constant struggle in meal planning with people having limited options.

Certain people managed to actually gain weight while on this diet, as they didn’t find it easy to eat fewer foods. People took in more calories while on this diet, likely due to the banning of many common foods which can make it unsatisfying to eat. It’s not an effective way to help promote weight loss, as this is intended to help those with celiac disease instead.

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How Does Gluten Free Diet Compare?
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Conclusion – Does Gluten Free Diet Work?

The Gluten Free Diet has become popular for some as a way to lose weight, and it’s necessary for those who cannot process gluten without side effects. It’s due to this potential issue that this diet has been adopted. However, no research has proven a gluten-free diet to be effective for weight loss. It’s intended instead to help those who are unable to properly process this form of protein. There’s no need or benefit to banning gluten. It can also make eating more difficult, and it can restrict important nutrients unless carefully monitored. It’s due to all these risks that this is not a very effective diet for weight loss.

The most effective weight loss diets as reviewed by our experts were found to be the 18Shake Diet. It offers weight loss via an appetite suppressing meal replacement that satisfies for hours, and a fat burning diet pill that increases metabolism without stimulants.

There are also no added preservatives, fillers, binders, colors, or any artificial additives, only pure natural ingredients. Customers have left glowing testimonials on the official website showing how effective this diet is for weight loss.

The 18Shake Diet is also backed by an entire 30 day money back guarantee. This return policy allows for a risk free purchase with no questions asked. Learn more about the 18Shake Diet by visiting the link provided here.

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