Help Fund BluFit, the Smarter Water Bottle That Keeps You Hydrated

A new start-up is attempting to see that we’re all hydrated properly and have some fun in the process. The bottle is far from the ordinary, as it is equipped with a Bluetooth LE chip that takes readings from the water flow sensor inside. All of these functions sync with the accompanying app, which allows users to enter their weight, gender, and age for customized hydration goals. A sensor on the bottle can even detect temperature and humidity to adjust and give you an accurate hydration-needs assessment.

BluFit Water Bottles are trying to drown one of our country’s biggest health woes, which is coincidentally one of our most under-publicized health issues – hydration. Many people subsist on soda and coffee almost exclusively and, as a result, many children and adults are often mildly dehydrated on a regular basis. A host of side effects can occur as a result of dehydration, but know that it can slow down thinking and even impede weight loss efforts.bluefit

We could just tell you to drink more water, follow that eight, eight-ounce glasses a day rule, but it’s really not that simple. The hydration needs vary quite a bit by individual, so it’s kind of cool that this new company has emerged with some flashy new ways to get you excited about hydration.

If customized water consumption goals from a water bottle isn’t enough to get you excited, maybe some of the BlueFit features can. The bottle has LED lights powered by a rechargeable battery. Drinkers can sip from their glowing bottle for up to six days between recharges. While pretty, these flashing lights are actually alerts letting you know when it’s time to drink up. The BlueFit is also a glass bottle protected inside of a stylish silicon sleeve – letting you drink without worry of chemical consumption from the container.

Currently the BlueFit bottle can be pre-ordered through a support campaign at The BluFit bottles can be nabbed for a cost of $49 for early adopters. So far BlueFit has raised $9,000 toward its $150,000 goal with a little more than a month left to raise.

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