Hostess Wants You to Celebrate Cupcake Week in a Sugar Coma

Happy Cupcake Week! Let’s celebrate with a nice sundae, and then next week, we can celebrate Run on the Treadmill for 10 Hours a Day Week!

Gourmet cupcakes have become all the rage, but Hostess cupcakes will always be the original, offering delicious little treats in one easy to eat package.

While an occasional indulgence is encouraged for mental health and for the safety of others around you, it isn’t an excuse to go buck wild. For some reason, as the obesity epidemic continues to grow, the trend of combining already unhealthy foods with other even more unhealthy foods continues to get more and more extreme. At first, we thought the KFC Double Down was bad, but one look at Epic Meal Time makes the sandwich look like a grilled chicken salad.

This week is Cupcake Week and Hostess isn’t content to just push their cupcakes. They’ve jumped on the how-ridiculous-can-we-get bandwagon by offering you an exciting new recipe sure to rot your teeth out and add a few inches to your hips: the Hot Fudge Cupcake Sundae.

What is in this diet disaster sundae, you ask? Grab your calculators cause the calorie count is a doozy.

Hostess’s Hot Fudge Cupcake Sundae

  • Two Hostess Cup Cakes- 362 calories, 12 g of fat, 34.2 g of sugar
  • Three scoops vanilla ice cream- 390 calories, 21 g of fat, 42 g of sugar
  • Hot fudge- 440 calories, 18 g of fat, 52 g of sugar
  • Crushed peanuts- 166 calories, 14.1 g of fat, 1.2 g of sugar
  • Whipped cream (Optional)

DIRECTIONS: Place Hostess Cup Cakes in bowl and place in microwave set on high for 45 seconds. Add three scoops vanilla ice cream. Heat hot fudge to desired temperature and ladle over Cup Cakes and ice cream. Add crushed peanuts to top and whipped cream if desired. Serves one (very greedy sugar addict.)

Total Damage: 1,358 calories, 65.1 g of fat, 129.4 g of sugar

At least the whipped cream is optional- you know, if you’re watching your waistline- so I left it out of the total to avoid giving you a coronary. Literally.

If you want to celebrate Cupcake Week, eat a cupcake. Go ahead, enjoy it. Who can say no to that iconic white swirl? But how can you celebrate cupcake week if you can’t taste it under all that diet distraction?

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