How to Score the Best Deal on a Gym Membership

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Whether it’s a pair of summer sandals you found during a January sale or an amazing price on automobile insurance, these days it seems increasingly more important to spend that extra bit of time doing your homework and bartering your way to a great deal.

When it comes to memberships to gyms and fitness clubs, you can up your chances of walking away with an awesome deal by keeping a few things in mind.

Follow these guidelines to score a win for your health and your wallet.

Check with your employer. Many companies have deals with gyms that give you a gym membership at a significantly discounted rate. If your boss considers exercise walking to and from the microwave, inquire with your company’s human resources department to get the most accurate information.

Take advantage of seasonal offers. Everyone knows that January is the most popular time for signing up for a gym membership. And while the deals may be great after the first of the year, don’t overlook off-season discounts as well. Check out the fitness center’s website, their monthly newsletter or give the studio a call during regular business hours to inquire about any special current offerings.

Plead your case. Just got laid off? It pays to be up-front about your financial situation, especially in these rough economic times. When you speak with a membership representative, let them know how important your health is to you, particularly since you may also be cut off from your company’s health insurance plan.

Haggle. Tap into your inner barterer as you walk into the gym and commit to walking away if the membership offers don’t meet your predetermined terms. Here’s a hint: membership fees are not set in stone, even if they are lamented in a binder. Most gym employees work on commission so they are going to try and push the most expensive plan on you. Keep in mind that they want to sell you a membership and they can – and oftentimes will – go lower than their published rates.

Consider non-traditional memberships. If you are someone who holds a night-job or is a night owl, talk to the membership rep if they offer discounted rates on memberships that allow access only during off-hours or only on certain days. This may be a great option for those who work in a hospital and work three consecutive days and then have four days off, or who work the night shift.

Negotiating a gym membership on your own terms is the most surefire way to get the kind of deal that works for you, your health goals, and your financial means.

If you have other ideas on how to get the best gym membership deal, leave your comments in the space below. We’d love to hear from you!

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