Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Green Team, Adam and Stacey Capers

It’s never easy to see the first team be eliminated from Biggest Loser, and for Adam and Stacey Capers it wasn’t easy being those people. Stacey admits to crying during the Biggest Loser premiere last night while watching the weigh-in and elimination. They both say the hardest part of the entire experience was going home. Adam and Stacey were very critical of themselves after that elimination and wondered what else they could have done. Ultimately, they feel no animosity toward their competitors for the decision. Being eliminated because they appear to be the team to beat is “a badge of honor” for Stacey, and they are using it as their motivation for the finale.

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Since they’ve been home, they continue to use their BodyBuggs. Stacey says it acts as her “external conscience.” Their daughter is also excited about making healthier food choices, and likes to exercise with her mom. Their diet has also changed and the follow some of the lessons learned at Biggest Loser. Stacey calls it their “eating lifestyle,” and they focus on caloric intake by eating a balance of protein/carbs/fat. Previously Stacey had a bad habit of over-sized portions while Adam loved fast food- they’ve both beaten those habits and now enjoy running- as much as 5 miles at a time!

Adam’s starting weight at the ranch was 340 pounds and his weight currently is 275. He says his goal at finale is “220, but I’ll be happy with 230.” Stacey says she’s never been this small before, having started at 221 and currently at 168. She doesn’t have a specific weight goal, just wants to keep losing.

Bernie Salazar’s Message for Biggest Loser’s Adam and Stacey from Diets in Review on Vimeo

3 Responses to Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Green Team, Adam and Stacey Capers

Heidi says:

Adam and Stacy
You are a great couple and you worked so great together CONGRATULATIONS on being able to continue on your own off the ranch. That really above all else shows that you were defintly one of the teams to beat.
Can’t wait to see you both at the finally. Keep those smiles!

ddubb says:

Ok so I’m an idiot and my Tivo didn’t record the premier because I didn’t have it high enough on the priority list. I watched the 45 minute peek on Does anyone know if NBC will post the entire premier for people to watch online? I’m dying to see the entire thing!!!!

emmyalex says:

Congrats to Adam and Stacy! Check out Fitness mag, finally, real not skinny models. They ahve a fit at any level column that rocks.

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