JAM’s One Minute Fitness Break Could Set a World Record Tomorrow! Will You Pledge?

Obesity rates in America has soared in the last decade. Our country’s health is so alarming that New York City has passed a soda ban and President Obama requires restaurant chains to display their nutrition information on menus. First lady Michelle Obama has even focused her platform on creating “Let’s Move”, a program to help control childhood obesity.

On September 27 at 10:00 local time, we can all work together to promote a more physically active society. JAM wants everyone across the nation to take a Minute for Fitness break. It is a fun way to break away from a familiar routines and get some physical activity. JAM needs 2 million people across the country to not only get up and move, but join together to break a world record as well!

JAM is a program that recognizes that Americans need more physical activity. JAM delivers that activity and health education to schools and offices while teaching adults and children how to live a healthy lifestyle. Kids and adults participate in a one-minute fitness routine which includes five simple exercises. The first exercise is to Raise the Roof, where participants simply motion their arms above them ten times. The second exercise is called Knees, Waist, Toss Arms and for ten reps participants touch their knees, waist, then toss their arms in the air. Then they Mimic a Sport, which is acting out a sport, like pretending to hit a baseball. In the fourth exercise participants act as if they are hula hooping with an invisible hula hoop. For the last exercise they use their fingers to make a heart and sway from side to side.

If schools do not have the JAM program, they can sign up through JAM’s website. Once a school is signed up, teachers and administrators will get access to newsletters and new exercise routines, then they can teach the new moves to students. Recent studies have linked physical exercise to healthy brain development and a child’s increased chance of succeeding in school.

JAM is a brilliant program that is backed up by leading groups like Let’s Move, American Heart Association, and Alliance for a Healthier Generation. It is a fun way for children and adults to add a little bit of movement to their day. The program teaches adults and children how to make healthier habits. The one minute fitness break is not a workout in itself, it just adds more physical activity to participants’ day, and hopefully makes them want to go exercise some more.

Will you get up and move just ONE minute tomorrow with JAM? Pledge now. Right now, the five states with the most pledges are West Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, Florida.

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