Join the #Yeson522 Campaign to See GMOs Labeled!

Last November we stood in solidarity with the state of California as they attempted to be the first U.S. state to mandate the labeling of Genetically Modified foods (GM or GMOs). Despite strong efforts, the opposition managed to win that battle round. We’re in this to win the war, and round two is right around the corner. Washington State has an initiative on their November ballots regarding labeling. Today and this entire week we are all out to make some noise and get the #Yeson522 campaign the attention it deserves.

yes on 522

A refresher for those who may have forgotten: the goal is to get GMOs labeled. To allow citizens of the United States the freedom to know what’s in the food they’re consuming. Companies are still free to use GMOs until their hearts are content, we just want the foods to state their ingredients honestly. After all, over 64 other countries either ban or label GMOs, why are we behind the times? You can infer all you want with that question. Bottom line: we want our foods labeled. If Washington wins this round, we have a great start to win the war.

Heard enough? Ready to move into action? Great. Our best move is to spread the word. Share this post, make your community aware of what’s happening when they shop at the grocery store, and tell everyone about Yes on 522. If you’re not in Washington, that’s ok. Noise is good. Get people riled up and let’s see this initiative pass.

Additionally, check out Leah Segedie’s site and learn all about the companies who want to give back to those who are spreading the word. And tonight, join the Twitter party being lead by Mrs. Segedie, herself. Find her as @Bookieboo and follow the hashtag #Yeson522. Party starts at 8 PST and lasts for an hour. There will be great panelists and even giveaways from great companies.

We’ll be making lots of commotion this week as we fight alongside our noble friends. We won’t stop the noise until we win this war on GMO food labeling.

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