Kirstie Alley Opens up on Dr. Oz About Weight Loss

On September 17, Kirstie Alley joins Dr. Oz to talk about her weight gain and dieting struggles. Hollywood’s most infamous dieter answers questions about her life, healthy changes she has made, and whether or not her weight loss is for good this time.

The actress, who rose to stardom on the television show Cheers, was a Jenny Craig spokesperson from 2005 to 2024, when she started regaining the estimated 75 pounds she had lost while on the program.

In 2024 she launched her own weight loss program, Organic Liaison, claiming she lost 100 pounds through it. However, Alley is being sued for that claim, as she appeared on Dancing With the Stars the same month and may have lost the weight as a result of her intense dance workouts. 

After speaking with Alley, Dr. Oz explains how to know if your own weight will return after slimming down on a diet. He also unveils his “Forever Thin” plan – a method for keeping the extra pounds off once and for all. Check your local listings for official show times.

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