Krista Raske Lost 136 Pounds By Creating Mini Goals Along the Way

Krista Raske didn’t set out to lose over 100 pounds. She didn’t know she was going to complete a 100-mile swim challenge at her local gym and she certainly couldn’t have predicted that she would be setting her sights on a 5k race. Initially, Krista simply wanted to join her friends for physical activities and buy clothes that were suited to her. By creating “mini goals” along the way, she was able to lose weight while gaining confidence and new outlook.

K Raske Before and After weight loss

Krista talks about the program that helped her on the road to weight loss and how she stays motivated:

Tell me when your weight struggles began. I have always been overweight. I was always the biggest girl in my class and was teased relentlessly. Dieting is something I’ve known since the fourth grade and I have tried every program, diet, club, etc. under the sun.

 What habits specifically led you to gain weight? Typical non-healthy habits led to my expanding waistline. I ate portions that were too large of all the wrong things. Fast food, cheesy greasy pizza, plates of pasta. I ate very little fruits and vegetables and did not exercise on a regular basis.

What caused you to realize you needed to change? I was unhappy and quite frankly, depressed. I was tired of living my life on the sidelines. I wanted to live it, not just muddle through.

How did you lose the weight? I began following the HMR (Health Management Resources) diet. I’m still in the first phase of the program on their Decision Free plan. Decision Free means I use all of their meal replacements (Chocolate/Vanilla shakes, entrees, chicken soup and a multi-grain hot cereal). I go to “class” where I weigh-in each week and meet with other HMR dieters. We discuss the program, share recipes, tips, get assignments and just give general support to one and another. It has been key to my success. I also exercise like crazy.

I exercise alot. I am constantly changing things up and trying new workouts. I keep my body guessing and push it out of the comfort zone. A typical day for me is 45 minutes to one hour in the morning before work and then at least one or two hours after work.

Did you have any “ah ha” moments along the way that really made a difference in your transformation? I realized I am a very goal-oriented person. Instead of thinking I had to lose over 200 pounds I broke it up into mini goals.

I also realized that if someone tells me I can’t do something I will do it and go one better. Like a quote I once heard…I let my haters be my motivators.

Biggest struggle in your journey? I miss certain things like being able to go home after work and “relax” but I also know there is no television program I could be watching that is going to bring more joy or satisfaction than the benefits of improving my health and losing weight.

My biggest triumphs are too many! I take pride in the fact that I lost 100 pounds in 6 months. There have been tons of little milestones along the way and every single one has shaped me. I am a work in progress.

 Current/future goals? My current goal is to lose 50% of my starting weight by Jan 12, 2024 which will mark one year since I began this journey. I would also like to compete in some kind of fitness related event as a real contender. There is a 5k race in our community every June. I think I would like to run and place in the top finishers for my age group next year.

 Advice you’d give to other people struggling to lose weight? Really it all comes down to calories in and calories out and making sure those calories are coming from the right kinds of foods.

You have to move. Exercise is key. Start out small. Everything counts as long as you’re moving!

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