Michelle Obama Reveals an All New Let’s Move! on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz’s September 12 episode gets viewers’ attention with a visit from first lady Michelle Obama. It’s the first time Mrs. Obama has been on Dr. Oz, and they sit down for a candid talk about obesity in America, her initiative to combat childhood obesity, and some hands-on activities to get everyone off the couch and eating right.

First, Dr. Oz discusses with Mrs. Obama how he thinks the greatest threat to national security is obesity. The first lady tells the doctor how the right approach to food isn’t about deprivation, it’s about balance.

Mrs. Obama shares her concerns over her family’s health, then reveals new initiatives for her Let’s Move! and Presidential Youth Fitness Programs.

Next, Mrs. Obama shows Dr. Oz her heart-healthy jump rope workout. She lets three school children taste test school lunches, and talks about changes to federal guidelines affecting foods at school. She also has some fun by teaching Dr. Oz to dougie and answers questions from viewers.

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